Computer Tuned Propellers •  Marine Hardware


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PEAKE MARINE PROPS & SERVICES IS a company dedicated

to improvingthe performance of your boat through

precision propeller tuning

We offer precision high performance repair and Computer Tuning of inboard propellers to

ISOTolerances to increase speed, eliminate vibration and improve fuel economy; and can

help you select the right propeller for your boat through our Sizing Analysis Service.


• We also sell New and Used Inboard, Sailboat, I/O's and Outboard Propellers from Michigan Wheel, Federal, HyTorq, Acme Marine Group, Veem Engineering Group, PowerTech, Mercury/Typhoon, Volvo, Autoprop and Max-Prop.


• We also offer the finest in Marine Hardware and underwater running gear including shafting, rudders, struts, couplings, bearings, packing glands and thru-hull fittings.

Located just south of Annapolis on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay at Herrington Harbour North Marina,

we can arrange to have your boat hauled in any of three Travel Lifts of up to 70 Tons for propeller tuning, or underwater gear replacement and repair.

Not on the Chesapeake? . . .  no problem,

daily UPS Service puts you

just around the corner.