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"This is the first prop job I've ever had that made a difference in how my boat performs".

J. A., Palm Beach, FL


"We could never get rid of the vibration on the port side.  As soon as we started out the inlet I could tell that the problem was solved".

J. L., Ocean City, MD


"We didn't really have any customer complaints with the other prop shops we used. The big difference since we changed to you is that now customers tell us how much better their boats run".

Commercial Diving Service, Baltimore, MD


"Gained 1 1/2 knots and runs smoother".

R. D., Toledo, OH


"Finally my rpm's are where they're supposed to be".

B. J., Baltimore, MD


"I picked up 3 knots after you did the props and added that cup".

T. C., Falls Church, VA


"Even though my props were not damaged in any way you suggested that your changes could give me quicker plane, less vibration, smoother ride, and faster top end. Well, you are 4 for 4 as my first trip proved. What a difference!".

D. K., Friendship, MD


"I was totally satisfied with my experience. The propeller is doing just what you said it would and you completed the work when promised".

B. M., Solomons, MD


"Whatever you did really made a difference. I picked up a knot at cruise and there's no more vibration".

J. G., Waldorf, MD


"Props ran great.  Good speed and no vibration".

D. T. Cleveland, OH


"I was very happy with (Prop Shop X), but you've given me even better performance".

B. D., Edgewater, MD

What Customers Say about Our Service

"The boat's never run this fast or smooth.  I hope I don't hit anything".

J. F., New York, NY


"I'm raising marlin on every trip! It must be the props".

B. R., Baltimore, MD


"The smoking is gone and I'm getting the speed I should. No vibration".

M. B., King of Prussia, PA


"The (58' Hatteras) gained 1 1/2 knots and runs much smoother.  I'll be touting your services at my marina".

L. P., Calverton, MD


"Thanks for your help on (Boat Name). You cured the smoking problem and the customer is happy with his new engine installation".

Diesel Manufacturer, Baltimore, MD


"I picked up a knot at cruise.  It was worth it".

W. C., Baltimore, MD


"My boat ran about the same speed, but I can't believe how the whole thing smoothed out".

J. C., Annapolis, MD


"Your service isn't cheap, but I've gained 1 1/2 knots".

B. L., Baltimore, MD


"My boat runs great now.  It even sounds different".

A. D., Annapolis, MD